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Patent in vietnam

Subject matters are not protected as invention

Scientific discoveries or theories, mathematical methods[….]

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Use of an invention

Manufacturing the protected product[…]

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Obligation to use inventions

wners of inventions are obliged to manufacture protected products or apply protected processes to satisfy the requirements of national defense, security, disease prevention and treatment and nutrition for the people or to meet other social urgent needs.

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Conditions for inventions eligible for protection

An invention shall be protected by mode of grant of invention patent when it satisfies the following conditions[…]

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Invention and base for the emergence and establish of invention

An invention means a technical solution in form of a product or a process which is intended to solve a problem by application of laws of nature[…]

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Patent and the importance of patent in Vietnam

Patent is an exclusive certification of inventor or patent owner by one nation in a certain time and the content of patent shall be published.

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