Inquiry about Registration of Computer Software Copyright in Vietnam

by sblaw | March 26, 2018 4:38 pm

Question: Our company from USA intends to register computer software copyrights in Vietnam. We wonder if you can assist us on this matter. If yes, please advise your quote, time frame and the documents thereof for our reference.

Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: Thanks for your email of today regarding the subject matter. Regarding your enquiries concerning the subject matter, we would like to advise you on procedure and our updated fee schedule in relation to the copyright registration proceeding in Vietnam as follows:

1.Schedule of fee for registering copyright for computer software:  

 1.1   Copyright information

– Types of works: computer software (program)

 1.2    Fee schedule

Description Official fee


Attorney’s fee


1. Fee for filling 01 copyright application for a  computer software program 30.00 220.00
2. Communication costs 30.00
                               Sub-total: 280.00
5%VAT: 14.00
Bank charge: 20.00
Total: 314.00

Noted: The above fees are inclusive of 5% VAT, communication costs and bank charges.

 2.Procedure and timeline: 

 –  The duration of copyright application is around 20 -30 working days. 

  3.Required documents and information:

 The client provides:

 –    02 Notarized copies of Certificate of Business Registration of the Owner

 –    02 copies of the author’s ID or passport

 –    02 Power of Attorney (POA) (SBLAW’s form)

 –   02 statutory declarations of the author(s)

–   02 volumes of written explanations of “software program …” consist of 2 parts: the first part is the content of software and the last part is the software code (5-7 pages). Their cover must clearly indicate the software title, owner’s name and seal of the company. 

 –  02 recording disks of registration software content (including code). Outside the disk casing must clearly indicate the software title, owner’s name and seal of the company.

  SBLAW provides:

 We hope the above is of your assistance. Should you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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