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Trademark in vietnam

What are natural signs not protected as trademarks?

According to Intellectual property law, there are some signs shall be ineligible for protection as marks:

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What is a trademark not to be capable of distinguishing under Vietnam IP Law?

A mark shall be deemed to be indistinctive if it is a sign falling into one of the following categories:

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How to protect trademarks?

A mark shall be eligible for protection when it satisfies the following conditions: It is a visible sign in the form of letters, words, drawings or images including holograms, or

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What is trademark?

The trademark owner can be an organization or individual or any legal entity. A trademark is an intellectual property, it usually includes a word, a name, phrase, logo, sign, design,

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New trademark application for foreign company in Vietnam

If foreign company would like to file new trademark application in Vietnam, S&B Law would like to advise you procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the trademark registration proceeding in Vietnam as follows[…]

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