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Vietnam Trademark Opposition Proceeding

Under the current IP Law of Vietnam, opposition is not considered as a seperate proceeding, it is only considered as a reference in the examination proceeding of trademark applications[…]

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Recordal of assignment/licence agreement of trademark in Vietnam

The assignment of a registered mark/pending application should be recorded with the TM Office as soon as possible to make it legally effective and enforceable. To recordal of an assignment agreement, the following documents are required at the time of filing[…]

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Recordal of change of name and/or address of trademark in Vietnam

As stipulated, any changes which likely affect the Trademark Registration, such as change of name and/or address, merger of the trademark owner should be recorded with the TM Office as soon as practicable[…]

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Renewal of Trademark in Vietnam

A trademark registration is valid for a period of ten years commencing from the filing date of the application and can be renewed for subsequent ten-year term, ad infinitum[…]

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