Guidance for filling trademark in Vietnam

Guidance for filling trademark in Vietnam
April 01 04:45 2014

If client would like to file a trademark in Vietnam, S&B Law would like to provide our guidance as follows:


1. Name and address of applicant.

2. List of goods/services and/or classes of goods/services bearing the mark (according to the last edition of international classification under Nice Agreement).

3. If priority is claimed: statement of country, application number and filing date of original foreign application from which priority is claimed.

4. Transliteration and meaning of the mark if it is contains foreign characters other than English


1. Power of Attorney (PoA), simply signed by the applicant. The applicant may not submit or submit only copy of the PoA at the time of filing the application, but the original one must be submitted within 1 month from the filing date.

2. 15 samples/prints of the mark, the size of which do not exceed 8 cm x 8 cm.

3. If the Convention priority is claimed: a certified copy of the priority document(s) and its English translation is required.


1. The validity term of registration certificate is of 10 years from filing date. It is renewable, each of 10 years.

2. The validity of a registration may be suspended by a request of any third party if the trademark is not used in five consecutive years without proper reason.

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