Intended trademark renewal in Cambodia with recordals


Question: Our company want to maintain its Cambodia trademark registration, would you please:

– Specify whether each above operation should be recorded, or we can skip these steps and record a transfer from A to B;

– If this first solution doesn’t apply, let us know, for each step, what documents should be provided;

– Specify the expected costs for the recordal of one assignment, or for each step if necessary.


Thanks for your following email.

We would like to confirm that you could file for one step for the recordal of the assignment from A to B.

Fee for recordal of the assignment is 180.00 USD which is exclusive of the translation fee: $US 6/100 English words, actual communication expenses ($US 20.00 – $US 40.00); bank charge ($US 20.00 – $US 30.00) and 5% VAT.

The necessary documents are below:

1. The original Deed of the Assignment which is notarized

2. The original trademark Certificate

3. The Power of Attorney which is notarized.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.