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On January 23rd, 2017, the National Office of Intellectual Property has issued Decision No. 186/QD-SHTT on granting Geographical indication registration certificate No 00055 for the famous “Hưng Yên” longan fruit. Hưng Yên’s Department of Science and Technology is the organization in charge of managing this GI. Longan fruit is long...

Using a geographical indication in Vietnam

According to the Article 124.7 in Intellctual property Law, use of a geographical indication means the performance of the following acts[...]

Issue the GI Registration Certificate

If the Geographical Indication Registration Certificate is granted, the NOIP shall request the applicant to pay the fee for the grant of a GI Registration Certificate , the fee for notification of the Registration Certificate grant decision, the registration fee and the fee for maintenance of the first year’s validity of the patent[...]

Substantive Examination of GI application in Vietnam

The purpose of substantive examination of GI applications is to assess the eligibility of objects claimed in the application under the requirements and corresponding protection scope[...]

Notification of substantive examination results in Vietnam

On the date of expiration of the time limit for substantive examination of an application at the latest, the NOIP shall send to the applicant one of the following notices[...]

Refuse to accept the valid application under Vietnam IP Law

The refusal accept the valid application of Vietnam Industrial design registration is realized as follows:

The application for a Vietnam GI registration

The GI application shall consist of the following documents:

Filing the Geography Indication Application

Filing the Vietnam Geography indication application is carried out as following:

Procedures for Obtaining a Geographical Indication

In order to reach the Geographical Indication registration certificate , the applicants have to fulfill the whole examination procedure consists of following steps[...]

Required documents of Geographical Indication applications

According to the Article 106 in Vietnam Intellectual Property Law[...]

Right to register geographical indications

According to the Article 88 in Vietnam Intellecutal property Law, The right to register Vietnamese geographical indications belongs to the State[...]

Reputation, quality and characteristics of products bearing geographical indications

According to the Article 81 in Intellectual Property Law, provisions of reputation, quality and charcteristics of products as follows[...]

Geographical conditions relevant to geographical indications

According to the Article 82 in Intellectual Property Law, Geographical conditions relevant to geographical indications as[...]

Subject matters not protected as geographical indications

According to the Article 80, there are some subject matters shall not be protected as geographical indications, includes[...]