Quotation for Renewal of Trademark registration in Laos


Question: Our company intends to renew its trademark registration in Laos. Would you please let us know the document(s) needed for such formality?


Regarding your requirement, we would like to advise you on the procedure and fee schedule in relation to the renewal proceeding in Laos as follows:

  1. Information of Trademark Registration
Trademark Reg. No Expiry date Applicant

As stipulated, to avoid the invalidation of your trademark certificate, you must proceed the renewal of the above trademark certificate before the deadline April 19, 2018.

  1. Fee Schedule:
Description Official Fees


Attorney’s Fees


1.    Fee for renewal for 01 trademark certificate in 01 class 198.00 100.00
4.   Communication Cost 30.00
Sub-total: 328.00
5% VAT 16.40
Bank charge 20.00

In words


Three hundred fourty four US dollars and fourty cents

Note:  The above-quoted fees include 5% VAT of our service charge, bank charges and actual communication costs.

3. Procedure and Timeline

The total duration of examination of the renewal is around 01 – 03 months from the date of filing renewal application to the actual receipt of recored-renewal. However, in some cases, it will take further 01 – 03 months to examine of trademark renewal by the examiners due to backlog of the trademark applications of the Laos Intellectual Property Department or any possible shortcomings in examination process of trademark.

4. Required documents

–   The original of Trademark Registration Certificates (TMRC)

–   An original Power of Attorney with a simply signature of the Applicant (form of SBLAW).

–   An original notarized and legalized Declaration of renewal of trademark ownership (SBLAW’s form).