Registering Vietnam trademark

  1.     The official fee for registering Vietnam trademark

It is different from the other countries as China, Thailand, in Vietnam, multi-class application is applicable.

The basic fees are calculated based on the number of class of goods/services (G/S) in each application as well as the number of products designated in each class in the application.

Below is the breakdown of some fee for registering a trademark in Vietnam for client’s consideration:

1.1. Fee for filing an application for one class of G/S with up to 6 products in each class

– Fee for each additional class of G/S in the application

– Fee for each additional products in exceed of 6 in each class

1.2. Fee for granting a registration certificate for one trademark in one class of G/S;

– For each additional class of G/S in the application

2. The required documents for registering the trademark in Vietnam.

To enable us to proceed with filing of trademark registration in Vietnam, the following documents are required, respectively:

–          Name and address of the Applicant;

–          List of Goods/Services;

–          Specimen of the applied mark (in soft copy);

–          An original Power of Attorney (POA).

3. The Power of Attorney for filling trademark.

For Vietnamese applications, the Power of Attorney(POA) is simply signed by the Applicant only. A scanned/faxed copy of the POA is acceptable upon filing. Its original copy is submitted within 01 month from the filing date;

4. The class heading for filling application.

In Vietnam, class headings and/or general description of designated goods/services are not applicable. The G/S should be correlative to those having code number listed in the Nice classification 10th edition.