Vietnam rubber trademark announced


The Vietnamese rubber trademark, “Vietnam Rubber”, has been accredited by the National Office of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The accreditation came after two years of administrative procedures. It covers 11 products classified into three categories – natural rubber, industrial rubber and rubber-wood.

Currently, the Vietnam Rubber Association has registered for intellectual property of the Vietnamese rubber products in the Indian, Chinese and Taiwanese markets and will continue procedures to legalize the trademark in other markets.

Ha Cong Tuan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, said products with Vietnamese rubber labels reflect commitments to quality standards of domestic producers, which would provide stronger safeguards for Vietnamese exported goods.

The rubber sector experienced a tough year in 2016, given low global demand, high inventory levels and dropping prices of natural rubber products.

However, Vietnam has managed to maintain its second place in plantation productivity and third in output and exports worldwide.

Six businesses have been received the trademark certification, including Phuoc Hoa, Dong Nai, Hang Gon and Dau Tieng rubber companies.

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