Notification of the formality examination result

Notification of the formality examination result
April 02 10:17 2014 Print This Article

An application for a Industrial design registration filed with the NOIP shall be subject to formality examination for evaluating its validity.

Before the expiration of the time limit above,the NOIP shall complete the formality examination of applications and send notices on examination results to applicants.
*           For a valid application,the NOIP shall send to the applicant a notice on acceptance of valid application.
*           For an application failing to meet formal requirements,the NOIP shall send to the applicant:
With a notice of intended refusal to accept valid applications,clearly stating reasons and setting a time limit for the applicant to correct errors or to object such intended refusal and set a time limit of one month from the date of notification for the applicant to give opinions or correct errors;

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