Timeframe for registration of a trademark in Vietnam (13 – 15 months)

Timeframe for registration of a trademark in Vietnam (13 – 15 months)
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5 – 10 days Examine trademark  Examine the ability to register the trademark sucessfully
5 days Draft application
Month:  1st – 2nd Formal examination The application shall be examined about the form:–         enough required documents;

–         classsify goods/service exactly

Results: The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam  (NOIP) will Notice on Formality Acceptance for Applicant.


Month: 3rd – 4th Publication on Industrial Property Gazette Public the trademark application in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property and  move to the process of substantive examination.
Month: 5th – 11th(maybe last more 2 months) Substantive Examination  In this period, applications shall be substantively examined for evaluation of the eligibility for grant of protection titles for subject matters stated in such applications under protection conditions: If the mark meets the protective criteria, NOIP will grant a Trademark Registration Certificate for Applicant

If the mark does not fully satisfy the protection conditions, NOIP will issue a Rejection on Substantive (refusal) and Applicant could answer this Notice in 02 months.


Month: 11th – 13th Issue and publication Trademark Registration Certificate  Application meets standard criteria: NOIP will issue a Notice on granting certificate and fees. Trademark Registration Certificate will be granted for Applicant and enter it in the national register of industrial property.



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