Trademark registration fee in USA, Singapore and Hongkong

Trademark registration fee in USA, Singapore and Hongkong
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Question: Our company would like to register trademark in US, Singapore and Hongkong, please provide us the fee (including attorney fee)?

Answer:  SBLAW would like to advise you on the fee for registering trademark in US, Singapore and Vietnam.

1.Trademark in US and Singapore

 No.   Country  FEE OF WIPO/NOIP  Attorney’s fee
1 Fee for WIPO (color trademark) 903.00 500.00
2 Fee for NOIP 100.00 100.00
3 Fee for each country (02 classes):    
3.1 USA 301.00 100.00
3.2 Singapore 272.00 100.00
Subtotal 1576.00 800.00
TOTAL 2376.00
VND: 54,039,700 VND


2. Trademark in Vietnam

Work Fee of NOIP(USD) Attorney’s fee(USD)
Trademark in Vietnam 60.00 140.00
Total 200.00
In VND 4,325,000

Total of fee: 58,364,000 VND. 

This fee excludes 5%VAT and appeal to office action to any fault no caused by SB LAW (if any)

Other notes: in order to file your trademark through Madrid system, you are required to file a trademark in Vietnam first. Then, your trademark through Madrid system shall be based on Vietnamese application.

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