Basic comparison between Patent and Industrial Design in Vietnam

Patent and Industrial Design in Vietnam

Patent attorney of SBLAW would like to provide client some information on basic comparison between patent and industrial design in Vietnam as follows: 

Criteria Patent Design Note
Subject matter claimed for protection A process, a method in which steps of these process and method shall be included.


A product: protect parts within a product and how the react to each other. The inside part is also claimed.


Appearance of a device or products. The inside part which can not be seen during its operation shall not be eligible for protection

Applicant may consider protecting a product under a patent or design if the features of appearance is aim at solving a technical issue.


For example: We could not claim protection of appearance of a package under both design and patent since there is no technical feature on the package, but only purpose of decoration.

Validity 20 years 15 years
Criteria of protection –       Novelty

–       Inventive

–       Industrial application

–       Novelty

–       Inventive

–       Industrial application