Annuity payment of Patent


Question: I would like to inquire you about the detailed charge of annuity of Patent (from the 1st year to the 20th year). Looking forward to your reply.


Regarding your enquiries concerning the subject matter, we would like to advise you procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the intellectual property registration proceeding in Vietnam as follows:

  1. Procedure

a.Required documents and information:

In order to file Annuity payment of Patent, the following documents/information should be provided:

i. Instruction letter for Annuity payment

ii. Information of Patent

b, Timeline:01-02 months from filing date

2. Fee schedule

Annuity fees (per annum for one independent claim) Official Fee


Attorney’s fee

per patent ($US)

1 1st and 2nd year 30.00 60.00
2 3rd and 4th year 60.00 60.00
3 5th and 6th year 90.00 70.00
4 7th and 8th year 120.00 80.00
5 9th and 10th year 150.00 85.00
6 11th to 13th year 180.00 90.00
7 14th to 16th year 220.00 100.00
8 17th to 20th year 270.00 120.00

Note: The above cost includes Official fee and Agency fee; exclude 5% VAT, bank charge ($30-40) and communication fees ($30-40); do not include additional fees in case of refusal. In case of any office action which may occur during the application