Measures against infringement products in Vietnam

Measures against infringement products in Vietnam
April 14 04:34 2014

After launching products in to the Vietnam market, your company may face with infringement by other company, which are local companies or even companies from other Asian countries.

Once other company infringes your company’s products, your company can conduct following methods:

Conciliation method: accordingly, S&B Law will act on behalf of your company to negotiate with the infringer (manufacturer, importer or distributor), requesting them to cease their infringement actions, signing Cease and Desist Letter to commit that they will not further produce/import/distribute infringement products;

Requesting the administrative measures from Authorities: accordingly, Vietnamese competent authorities will proceed administrative action on immediately cease the circulation of infringement products in Vietnam;

Border measures: accordingly, your company will register your IP right and sole distributor in Vietnam with the Customs Authorities.

Once a product that is suspected to infringement, it will be notified to your company or your representative in Vietnam. Upon your request to the imported product, the Customs authorities will have the final Decision on approval for importation or non-approval for importation.