Obligations of requester apply the measures to control intellectual property-related imports, exports


1. Requester apply the measure to control intellectual property-related imports, exports shall have the following obligations:

a/ To prove that they are intellectual property  right holders by producing documents and evidence specified Intellectual property  Law;

b/ To supply information sufficient to identify goods suspected of infringing upon intellectual property rights or to detect goods showing signs of intellectual property rights infringement;

c/ To file written requests to customs offices and pay fees and charges prescribed by law;

d/ To pay damages and other expenses incurred to persons subject to control measures in cases where the controlled goods are found having not infringed upon industrial property rights.

2. To secure the performance of the obligations specified at Point d above, a requester  the application of the measure of suspension of customs procedures shall have to deposit a security in one of the following forms

a/ A sum of money equal to 20% of the value of the goods lot subject to the application of the  measure of suspension of customs procedures, or at least VND 20 million where it is impossible to value such goods lot;

b/ A guarantee deed issued by a bank or another credit institution.