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Protection of trademark, trade name and geographical indication in Vietnam

SB Law – IP International Law Firm provides clients with legal services protecting trademark, trade name and geographical indication in Vietnam as follows:

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Using a geographical indication in Vietnam

According to the Article 124.7 in Intellctual property Law, use of a geographical indication means the performance of the following acts[…]

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Issue the GI Registration Certificate

If the Geographical Indication Registration Certificate is granted, the NOIP shall request the applicant to pay the fee for the grant of a GI Registration Certificate , the fee for notification of the Registration Certificate grant decision, the registration fee and the fee for maintenance of the first year’s validity of the patent[…]

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Required documents of Geographical Indication applications

According to the Article 106 in Vietnam Intellectual Property Law[…]

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What is Geographical indication?

According to the Article 22.2 in Intellectual property Law of Vietnam

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