Patent in Vietnam

Patent in Vietnam
July 31 01:10 2014

The required documents for filling patent in Vietnam

In order to file a patent application in Vietnam, your client is required to provide with us the following document:

-The Power of Attorney (signed only, the notarization or legalization are not required);

-The specification in English;

-The certificated copy of the priority document (If any).

Timeframe for examination of a patent application in Vietnam.

 Under Vietnam IP Patent, a patent application will be examined through the following process:

-Formality examination: The application will be formality examined within 1-2 months counted from the filing date in Vietnam;

-Publication: The patent application will be published on Industrial Property Gazette within 2 months counted from the date of formality acceptance.

-Substantive Examination: The patent application will be examined the patentable within 18 months counted from the publication date.

 The result of the equivalent search at NOIP will be available within 25-30 working days.