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Selected recent S&B Law Credential in the field of trademark enforcement

1.The Client and a Vietnamese Company entered a license agreement for importing and distributing the products bearing the protected trademark of the Client in Vietnam.

Selected recent SBLAW Credential in the field of copyright enforcement

SBLAW would like to provide some information about selected reccent credential in the field of copyright enforcement as follows:

Intellectual property counterfeit goods

Intellectual property counterfeit goods referred to in this Law include goods bearing counterfeit marks and goods bearing counterfeit geographical indications (hereinafter referred to as counterfeit mark goods) and pirated goods [...]

Provisional urgent measures

The following provisional urgent measures shall be applied to goods suspected of infringing upon intellectual property rights or to raw materials, materials or means of production or trading of such goods[...]

Selected recent SBLaw Credential in the field of industrial design enforcement

One Manufacturing rubber glove Company sent a request to Market Supervisor of Binh Duong and request them to settle the infringement action against their industrial design in Vietnam of the Client.
biện pháp hành chính

Administrative procedures shall be taken against the organizations

Administrative procedures shall be taken against the organizations and individuals committing one of the following acts of IPR infringement:    Infringing IPRs and therefore causing losses to the author, owner, consumers or the public;  Producing, importing, transporting or dealing in counterfeit goods under Article 213 of the IP Law or assigning others to...
What is meant by “circulated pharmaceutical substances.”?

What is meant by “circulated pharmaceutical substances.”?

Question:  Regarding Article 2(3) “Regulation on Data Security of Drug Registration Records” (“Regulation on Data Security”), please explain what is meant by “circulated pharmaceutical substances.” Regarding the term “business secret” as it is used throughout the Regulation on Data Security, please explain the criteria by which it is determined...

Procedures to apply the measure of suspension of customs procedures

When persons requesting the suspension of customs procedures have fulfilled their obligations specified according to the Intellctual property Law, customs offices shall issue decisions on suspension of customs procedures with regard to goods lots in question[...]
Counterfeit issue in Vietnam

Q&A: Counterfeit issue in Vietnam

Question: We might file a lawsuit re: the counterfeit product found in Vietnam. We manufactured ion exchange resins and export to the world. Recently, we found a Vietnam company sold counterfeit resins. This is why we would file a lawsuit in Vietnam. Before we go more further, our counsel...

IP matter concerning to the pharmaceutical products in Vietnam.

In IP aspect, set-out requirement are included as but not limited to the following[...]

Legal service for Handling Trademark Infringement in Vietnam

This process of handling trademark infringement in Vietnam includes the following steps:

Determination of damage caused by infringements of intellectual property rights

Damage caused by acts of infringing upon industrial property rights include[...]

Intellectual Property Lawyers in Vietnam

SBLAW-your IP lawyers in Vietnam, provides the following legal services: