Applications for registration of copyright or related rights

Applications for registration of copyright or related rights
April 07 02:22 2014

According to the Article 50 in Vietnam Intellectual Property Law, An application for registration of copyright or related rights comprises:

a/ A written declaration for registration of copyright or related rights.

A written declaration must be made in Vietnamese and signed by the author, copyright holder, related rights holder or person authorized to file the application, fully stating the information on the applicant, author, copyright holder or related rights holder; summarized content of the work, performance, phonogram, video recording or broadcast; the name of the author, the title of the work used to make derivative work in cases where the to be-registered work is a derivative work; the date, place and form of publication; the guaranteed responsibility for information stated in the application.

The Culture and Information Ministry shall set the  form of written declarations for copyright or related right registration;

b/ Two copies of the work subject to application for copyright registration, or two copies of the fixed object subject to the related right registration;

c/ A letter of authorization where the applicant is the authorized person;

d/ Documents proving the right to file application where the applicant acquires such right due to inheritance, succession from or assignment by another person;

e/ Written consent of co-authors, for works under joint authorship;

f/ Written consent of co-owners if the copyright or related rights are under joint-ownership.

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