Quotation for copyright registration

copyright in vietnam
copyright in vietnam

Question: I am french author and would like to register copyright for story, please send me your quotation and procedure?

Answer: Regarding your enquiries, we would like to advise you on the procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the Copyright registration proceeding in Vietnam as follows:


1.1 Information

– Type of work: Literary work (story)

1.2. Fee for filling 01 application for a literary work 220 USD.

5% VAT: 11 USD

Total: In words: 231 USD (Two hundred and thirty one US dollars).

Note: The above-quoted fees include 5% VAT


In Vietnam, the duration for a copyright application from mature to proceed to registration is 20 – 30 days from the filing date.

Kindly note that the term for registration process may take shorter or longer in practice due to the workload of the COV.


– 02 Notarized copies of Certificate of Business Registration of the Owner (owner is company)

– 02 Notarized copies of the the Owner’s ID or passport (owner is individual).

– 02 copies of the author’s ID or passport

– 02 original Power of Attorney

– 02 statutory declarations of the author(s)

– 02 printings of each story (sealed by the company, N/A in case of personal owner)

– One of the following documents:

+ 02 declarations of the author (In case the author is the owner)

+ 02 assigned decision (In case the staff of the company/the owner is assigned tasks to create)

+ 02 contracts of lease of creating (In case the owner hired a third party to write)