Inquiry about trademarks recordal of name or address in Cambodia


Question: Our company would like to recordal a change of address/name with some trademarks in Cambodia. Please offer us your favorable fees, the needing documents and the needing time.


Concerning your enquiries, we would like to advise you on the procedure and our fee schedule in relation to the change of name and/or Address Recordation in Cambodia as follows:

  1. Fee Schedule
Description Official Fees


Attorney’s fee


Fee for Recordal of change of name/address for each trademark registration in Cambodia 90.00 80.00
Communication Cost 30.00
Sub-total: 200.00
5% VAT 10.00
Bank charge 20.00
TOTAL 230.00

  In word: Two hundred thirty US dollars 

  1. Procedure and timeline

Normally, recordal of amendment in the applicant’s name/address will be processed within 04-06 months from the filling date.

  1. Required documents:

–       The copy of legal documents and/or the original of Declaration of changing name/address which is notarized (form of SBLaw)

–       The Original of trademark certificate;

–       An original Power of Attorney which is notarized (form of SBLAW).