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Q&A: Regarding a Patent Search for car engine in CAMBODIA

Q: Our company is Korean Car Company and is considering to file a patent application regarding car engine in CAMBODIA. Before filing, we wish to conduct a patent search to see if there is any similar invention / utility model patents or pending applications in this area. Therefore, please let us know...

The first-to-file principle for filling patent application in Vietnam

Viet Nam adopts the first-to-file system, i.e. where two or more applications are filed by many different parties for registration of the same invention[...]


1.Procedure for amendment/ transfer of invention or utility solution applications 1.1 Procedure for amendment of invention or utility solution applications -Before the IPVN issues decisions on rejection of an application, decisions on refusal to grant a protection title or decisions on the grant of a protection title, the applicant may amend...

Competence and procedures for licensing of inventions under compulsory decisions

The Science and Technology Ministry shall issue decisions on licensing of inventions based on the consideration of requests for licensing in the cases below after consulting opinions of the Science and Technology Ministry[...]

What is the patent in Vietnam?

1. Definition Invention means a technical solution in the form of a product or a process which is intended to solve a problem by application of laws of nature. An invention shall be protected by mode of grant of invention patent or utility solution patent. 2. Technical solutions Technical solution - the object...

Vietnam – Quotation for Entry into National Phase of PCT Application

Question: I want a patent registration through PCT in Vietnam. If you can, please advise me as following matters. 1) How long and how much does it cost to completion? 2) Any other documents needed? Answer:  We refer with thanks to your email concerning the above matter and we would like to advice...
Patent Examination Procedure in Vietnam

Patent Examination Procedure in Vietnam

Applicants should be aware of the examination process a patent going through the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam (NOIP). This process is begun with the filing of a patent application with NOIP and completed by granting a patent. (1) Filing the application In order to obtain the patent...

Protection of Utility Model in Laos

If your company would like to protect utility model in Laos, SBLAW would like to provide you some information about the legal procedure of filing utility model in Laos as follows:

Obligation to use inventions

wners of inventions are obliged to manufacture protected products or apply protected processes to satisfy the requirements of national defense, security, disease prevention and treatment and nutrition for the people or to meet other social urgent needs.

Registration procedure for patent in Vietnam.

1. Minimum documents - 02 Declaration for registration which are typed according to form No. 01-SC Appendix A of Circular No. 01/2007/TT-BKHCN; - 02 descriptions of the invention or utility solution; ; + 02 invention protection coverage (hereinafter referred to as the protection coverage or protection claim); - Fee and charge receipts. 2. Other...

(Q&A) Trademark, Patent, Utility Model and Design in Vietnam

Q: We're an IP firm in HongKong. We have clients interested in registering patent, utility model, design and trademarks in Vietnam. Could you please send us your fee schedule with the best price you could offer, and forms required for filing? A: As the leading Vietnamese IP law firm, we...
Registration of patent in Vietnam and USA

Q&A: Registration of patent in Vietnam and USA

Q: We are Vietnam company and would like to know the legal procedure to register patent in Vietnam and USA? A: Further to our question egarding the registration of patent in Vietnam and USA, SBLAW would like to advise you on procedure and fee for registering patent in these jurisdictions: 1. ...

Patent attorney in Vietnam, Mr. Pham Duy Khuong, partner of SBLAW.

Mr. Pham Duy Khuong (Mr. Pham) is a founding partner of SBLAW. He has particular experience in the field of Intellectual Property for nearly ten years.

Publication of the Vietnam Patent Application

IP Vietnam Law regulated the publication of Vietnam patent application as follows[...]
How to file patent/utility model applications in cambodia

How to file patent/utility model applications in Cambodia

SBLAW would like to provide the client information on filling patent/utility model applications in Cambodia for your kind consideration: A- How to Apply Patent/Utility Model Applications Agent/Attorney representing applicant should file application, at the Department of Industrial Property (DIP), Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy. Application should contain: 1. A request (application) 2. A...