Filing the patent application in Vietnam

In order to obtain the patent right in Viet Nam, you must file the application for granting a Patent (for Invention and for Utility solution separately), directly or by mail, to the National Office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam (NOIP) or its branches offices in Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang[...]

Patent attorney in Vietnam, Mr. Pham Duy Khuong, partner of SBLAW.

Mr. Pham Duy Khuong (Mr. Pham) is a founding partner of SBLAW. He has particular experience in the field of Intellectual Property for nearly ten years.

Transfer of Vietnam patent applications

Before the NOIP issues any of notices specified at Point 17.1.a of this Circular,an applicant may request the NOIP to record the transfer of his/her application to another person[...]

Obligation to use inventions

wners of inventions are obliged to manufacture protected products or apply protected processes to satisfy the requirements of national defense, security, disease prevention and treatment and nutrition for the people or to meet other social urgent needs.

Refuse to accept the valid patent application

The refuse to accept the valid patent application is regulated as follows[...]

Guideline for non-PCT Patent in Vietnam

Guideline for non-PCT Patent in Vietnam[...]

Right of prior use of inventions

Where a person has, before the publication date of an invention registration application, used or prepared necessary conditions for use of an invention identical with the protected invention stated in such registration application but created independently [...]

Use of an invention

Manufacturing the protected product[...]

Registration of Patent in Laos

SBLAW - IP internatioanl agent would like to give you some information about legal procedure of registration of patent in Laos as follows:

Maintenance of validity of patents

To have the validity of his/her invention protection title maintained, a protection title holder shall pay a validity maintenance fee within six months before the expiration of the validity term[...]

Notification of the Substantive Examination Results of patent application

On the date of expiration of the time limit for substantive examination of an application at the latest, the NOIP shall send to the applicant one of the following notices:
Registration of patent in Vietnam and USA

Q&A: Registration of patent in Vietnam and USA

Q: We are Vietnam company and would like to know the legal procedure to register patent in Vietnam and USA? A: Further to our question egarding the registration of patent in Vietnam and USA, SBLAW would like to advise you on procedure and fee for registering patent in these jurisdictions: 1. ...

Vietnam – Quotation for Entry into National Phase of PCT Application

Question: I want a patent registration through PCT in Vietnam. If you can, please advise me as following matters. 1) How long and how much does it cost to completion? 2) Any other documents needed? Answer:  We refer with thanks to your email concerning the above matter and we would like to advice...

New Utility Model Application in Vietnam

In order to file an utility solution application in Vietnam, applicant is required to provide with us the following document:

Characters of invention

An invention shall be considered novel if it has not yet been publicly disclosed through use or by means of a written description or any other form, inside or outside the country, before the filing date or the priority date, as applicable, of the invention registration application[...]