Protection of copyright in Vietnam


1. Who is protected by copy right?

Organizations and individuals with works which are protected by copyright comprise persons who directly create such works and copyright holders stipulated. copyright holders stipulated can be an organization or individual who holds one, several or all of the economic rights stipulated,  includes: authors, co-authors, organizations and individuals who assign tasks to authors or who enter into contracts with authors, heirs, assignees of rights, the State.

Authors and copyright holders stipulated which are protected, shall comprise Vietnamese organizations and individuals; foreign organizations and individuals with works published for the first time in Vietnam and not yet published in any other country, or with works also published in Vietnam within thirty days after publication for the first time in another country; and foreign organizations and individuals with works which are protected in Vietnam pursuant to an international treaty on copyright of which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a member.

2.What subjects are protected by copyright?

Copyright is protected for subjects: Literary, artistic and scientific works, Derivative works if such protection is not prejudicial to the copyright in the works used to create such derivative works. All of these subjects are only protected if they are created personally by authors through their intellectual labour and without copying the works of others Literary, artistic and scientific works which are protected by copyright comprise:

– Literary works, scientific works, textbooks, teaching courses and other works expressed in written language or other characters;

– Lectures, addresses and other speeches;

– Press works;

– Musical works;

– Stage works

– Cinematographic works and works created by a process analogous to cinematography (hereinafter all referred to as cinematographic works);

– Plastic art works and applied art works;

– Photographic works;

– Architectural works;

– Sketches, plans, maps and drawings related to topography or scientific works;

– Folklore and folk art works;

– Computer programs and data collections.